My journey towards becoming a recruiter wasn’t the straightforward one, and I haven’t followed the traditional career path. I have graduated from Environmental Engineering and Spatial Economy at one of the Universities in Poland. During summer break at my college, I went for an adventure to Ireland and, after spending summer in Dublin, I’ve decided to stay here. I didn’t quit my university. I kept studying in Poland part-time (I was flying over to Poland every second weekend to complete my courses and exams over the time of 3 years) working full time in the Insurance sector here in Dublin. I’ve never enjoyed that industry, and I found the industry and product uninspiring and outdated.

At that time, Ireland was stepping into a deep economic crisis with limited graduate job opportunities for environmental engineers.  Chances to move into that field very relatively small for me, so I started thinking about shifting my career path into a different direction. I felt unconfident and unsafe but seems like I wasn’t the only in this world, making a career shift. A recent study at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in 2019 found that only 27 per cent of college graduates work in a field related to their major.

One of my lecturers during college spotted that I might be good at recruitment. I wasn’t sure if that will be something that I like but to get some better understanding of it, I signed up for CIPD Diploma in HRM at National College of Ireland. I have quickly realized that it is something that I’m genuinely passionate!

Quitting my stable and well-paid job, especially during the crisis and starting my career from scratch, was not an easy decision. But sometimes taking a step back is as necessary as moving forward.

I’ve kicked off my recruitment journey at Microsoft, first as a recruitment coordinator then as a recruiter. For three years, I had a fantastic opportunity to be a part of Microsoft’s Graduate Recruitment Team- discovering the wonderful world of Tech Industry, hiring grads across EMEA. However, it was time to say goodbye or perhaps hello to a new adventure in Cyprus and be a part of the Global TA Team at Wargaming leading recruitment for Development, Technology, Finance and HR. Ireland has been always home for my family and me, and after 18 months of spending in Cyprus, we have decided to come back home.  Since 2019 I’ve been working as EMEA Recruiter searching for sales professionals across the globe.

Challenges at the recruiter job.

Recruitment can be challenging at times, especially in such a competitive market, that is changing incredibly quickly. For some of the roles, I still get lots of applications; however, not all the candidates have skills and meet the requirements for the position. Finding qualified talent can sometimes be very hard. I help candidates prepare for the interviews through different stages of the process. Before their initial conversation with me, I usually send them a few tips on how to prepare for the discussion. During the call, I guide them if anything is missing in their CVs. After each stage, I provide them with constructive feedback together with the short prep session for the next step.

Recruitment can also be rewarding, especially when a candidate is saying; thank you for offering them a dream job.

Advice to your candidates.

Always come prepared to the interview, do research about the company and have a good understanding of the company’s culture and mission. Think about why you want the job and what do you have to offer. Be enthusiastic; try to bring lots of positive energy.  If you haven’t been interviewing for a long time, remember practice makes perfect! Ask your friend to help you practice answering the questions! I love questions, and ALWAYS I leave extra time in the end for a candidate to ask them! Please have a good set of them ready then.

If I weren’t in recruitment…

I would be a Personal Trainer. I love sport, and when I was in school, I’ve been training gymnastic at the competitive level. For the last couple of years, I’ve been very interested in mix martial arts.  Sport still plays a significant role in my life as it helps to keep my mind and body healthy and make my day to day life more stress-free.