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Dr. Anastasia Lobanova
Dr. Anastasia LobanovaDirector of Science, Climatiq

I was fortunate to meet and work with Anita at the moment when I was stuck professionally. Anita is an excellent professional. She is attentive, structured, clear and competent. Anita helped me gain a different perspective on my professional skills, prepared me for the interviews, advised me on how to negotiate salary, and gave a lot of personal support. Thank you, Anita. Coaching sessions with you helped me get unstuck, clear my vision, and better understand my strengths and how to use them.

And I still cite some of the exercises we made with Anita during the coaching sessions to my friends when we discuss our professional lives :)

Santolo Mele
Santolo MeleProduct and Innovation

I've been Anita's client in a very delicate moment of my career and in our sessions she helped me a lot in the role and work environment transition i wanted to do.
I found very useful in particular how Anita was supportive and emphatic and at the same time very practical and oriented to the points. In my opinion this a fundamental skill to have if you are doing coaching because you have to be in a meaningful relation with the human being and then with the professional... in this was Anita great.
In our sessions we mainly did exercises in order to write down goals and way to achieve them but I'd like to mention also how we covered also the stress management.

Anita is a super professional and an extraordinary human being. I can't say any anything but to recommend to get in touch with her if you need career coach.

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One-on-One Personalised services for clients anywhere in the world, to empower you to feel positive about your life and work.

Career Coaching

Review your career and find a fulfilling job that you love! My proven step-by-step program will help you discover your strengths, interests, and potential. Together we can build a roadmap so you can live the life you want and have the work that fits your lifestyle!

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Job Search Startegy

Build a plan that helps you save time, stand out from the rest of the applicants and avoid disappointment. I can help you revamp your CV and LinkedIn Profile and build an effective job search strategy to get more attention from recruiters and hiring managers.

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Interview Preparation

I believe we have different needs for interview preparation to varying career stages and types of roles and industry you are applying for. I can help you focus on proper preparation, improve your interview style, tailor your answers and help you nail your next interview!

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