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CV & LI Consultation

  • Includes a 30-minute video call consulting session + comprehensive revamp and professional formatting of your CV & LI tailored for a specific role, crafted by me.
  • 30-minute video call consulting session
  • Fully formatted and rewritten CV within 5 days
  • Bonus: My CV and LinkedIn Profile Guide

CV & LI Audit

  • Without a 30-minute consulting call and without a rewritten and formatted CV by me.
  • Audit report on your CV and LinkedIn profile so you can implement changes by yourself within 5 days
  • Bonus: My CV and LinkedIn Profile Guide

Trusted By

Katarzyna Czerwonka
Katarzyna CzerwonkaFinancial Accountant, The Glasshouse Hotel

Anita helped me rewrite my CV, prepare for interviews, develop my strengths, and to feel more confident.
Her course has changed my approach, let me believe in my abilities and secure a role.

Andreia Correa
Andreia CorreaCustomer experience and success

Anita helped me during my adaptation in Ireland. In the beginning, the job search and interview process was a challenge for me but, with her help, I could develop my confidence and go through all the steps to get a job. Now, fortunately, I'm working in a great company and position.

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