Have you applied for a sales role and the recruiter has reached out to you inviting you for the first stage interview? You haven’t been interviewing for a while, and you don’t know what type of questions you can expect? Feeling nervous? Of course, more you prepare- less nervous you will feel on that day. I’ve been interviewing for sales roles for almost 2 years, and here come 5 tips that can help you prepare for the first round of the interview process:

  1. Read about the company.

Always come prepared to the interview, do research about the company and have a good understanding of the company’s culture and mission. A quick look over the company website isn’t enough. Know the product and service that they offer- you don’t have to be an expert but be capable of having a good discussion around it.

  1. Understand the role.

Remember to read the job description carefully and be able to discuss it. If you are interested in more than one role- that’s perfectly fine! But be familiar with both of them! Map your skills against each of the job descriptions. Think about why you want this role, and why you think you are a good fit.

  1. Be able to sell your previous experience.

Usually, you have only 30 minutes to make your first impression and make sure that you sell yourself as a solid candidate for the role.  You need to have a story to tell about yourself. We want to know what was your sales cycle in the past. Have you been in a farmer or hunter role? Did you focus on net new business or existing accounts? How big were your customers?

  1. Speak about your targets and previous deals.

The best way to show your success in sales is your previous metrics. Be ready to walk the recruiter through your previous KPIs and most successful deals that you’ve closed. Any deals that you are proud of?

  1. Ask questions.

I love questions, and I ALWAYS leave some time in the end for a candidate to ask them! Have a good set of them ready.

If you haven’t been interviewing for a long time, remember, practice makes perfect! Here comes a list of most common sales job interview questions and how to answer them.  You can ask someone to help you practice answering them!