Challenge Management – How to change attitude and motivation towards your goals.

Why should you read it?

We all face problems, either in our professional or personal life.  When problems come, we tend to overthink and fear them. Fear blocks us to take essential actions to overcome and solve them.  But what if we change problems into challenges and shift our negative mindset into motivation, and create a plan with the actions and desire to improve ourselves and our life?

What is the book about?

I’ve always been a big fan of Wladimir Klitschko. A couple of years ago I was able to attend his speech during a Web Summit in Lisbon where he spoke about his personal philosophy and the preparation to take the next step in his career, after being active sportsman (but I will write a separate article about it).

Challenge Management shows the way how to overcome the challenges (that’s how Klitschko calls problems in his book) in a constantly changing world. Using his own experience as a professional athlete, Klitschko provides a framework which lets you build a successful action plan to overcome those challenges. The framework is easily transferable into business or personal life.

During his journey as an athlete, he developed the philosophy himself, showing 5 steps of success:

  1. State your goal clearly.
  2. Be aware of the consequences.
  3. See yourself at the goal.
  4. Find companions.
  5. Become obsessed with your goal.

This book is an inspirational guide how to change problems into challenges, with a list of the recommendations of action plan to build your positive attitude and motivation to overcome them, by recognising opportunities where others see problems.