• 1:1 Video Session
  • 90 min

It is recommended to anyone who hasn’t interviewed for a while or hasn’t been able to pass the interviews successfully, designed to focus on preparation and target a specific type of role.

*Starts with a mock interview to evaluate your current interview skills and discover where the gaps are.

What can you learn from it?

  1. How to run your interview preparation so you can save time each time!
  2. How to map job competencies and guess potential interview questions to narrow your preparation.
  3. How to start and finish the interview (virtually and in person).
  4. Overview of each stage of the Interview, different types of interviews, and tips on what’s happening behind the scenes between them.
  5. Storytelling– how to craft your story, be concise, and articulate your answers.
  6. Branding yourself for the role and building your interview style.
  7. Nailing the STAR(L) Framework and competency-based interviews, tailoring your answers to selected roles and competencies.
  8. How do you answer open-ended questions?
  9. Questions to ask? How do you handle unexpected questions and situations?
  10. Top 15 common interview questions that you have to master (“Tell me about yourself” and “Tell me about your previous experience”- I can help you master powerful answers!)

Once you complete the session, I will send you some additional resources to help track your preparation and sample questions with key competencies for different roles.

For the one working day, I offer WhatsApp Support to help you practice and master your answers.

Your investment: 150 Euro